Psychology for Weight Loss

 Apparently, it all starts in the mind. First the decision to start losing weight, most often when a person begins to feel bad in your body. Then we needed a constant motivation to lose weight is not to give up too easily in situations where the calorie restriction and exercise begin to tire. Many people unfortunately forget the psychological aspect of the weight loss. And it is undoubtedly important, if not decisive.

Reducing diet and psychological

More and more people are not coping with the weight loss, going on a visit to a dietitian's for advice. Is also a good idea to visit a psychological study. The psychologist will provide valuable advice on motivation and help in finding errors (eg. Inappropriate attitude to diet) ruin our resolve to lose weight. Each person is different and requires an individual observation and approach. However, it is worth paying the following advice. Often they are much more efficient than the best preparations for slimming, bought at a pharmacy.
Ways to lose weight - advice psychologist.

Step 1
It is important to realise that overweight and obesity is the most common problem is not just with the consumption of excessive amounts of food or lack of physical activity. Perhaps the food is seen as a way to recover from stress and to get rid of fears and sorrows. You eat too big portions? They are too greasy and sweet? Ask yourself why this happens and under what circumstances. Is the food is not the way to boredom or fatigue? How to nourish your immediate family? You can duplicate their unhealthy eating habits? The answers to these questions, you can search and his psychologist.

Step 2
We'll work on self-esteem and self-confidence. It should not be dependent on the number of kilogrammes of weight. Do not be deceived, after dropping 20 kg your life will be different. It may look different, even today, if we can work on attitude to itself. Focus on the parts of the body, of which you are happy. Rather than agonise over what is your legs are thick and pendulous belly, try to imagine how they might look like when you start to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Step 3
Be compassionate to yourself. Do not place too high expectations, because they will reflect negatively on your health and on the motivation for losing weight. Small steps are most effective. Plan your reward when you reach your first goal, such as loss of 2 kg.

Step 4
Find a support group for weight loss. With the same objective, you will motivate each other.
To successfully lose weight are required not only changes in diet and physical activity, but also in the attitude towards the process of weight loss. Healthy and easily digestible diet and workout are important. However, the right attitude is the key element.

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