Lose Weight Fast With These Fat Burning Foods

You will rapidly increase your weight loss by eating a clean and healthy diet. There are however some super foods that speed up the fat burning process. You should consume six meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism burning. Kick start your metabolism by making sure you don't skip breakfast.
Don't eat late, consume you last meal no later than 6 pm.

If you think you can get a cover model body without exercise you'll be wrong. Make sure you are also exercising regularly, this will also help you tone up in your desired areas.

So what foods should you be adding to your diet to drop the those pounds? Here are some fat burning super foods.

Avocados - Although high in calories, this fruit is packed with goodness, being high in fibre which aids digestion. They also contain vitamins A,C,E,K and B6. Avocados also contain Folate which can cut the risk of heart disease. The vitamin E contained in avocado will help keeping a healthy heart, essential for fat burning. Avocados are also known for their skin enhancing benefits.

Water - If you only take one of these tips with you to help with your fat burning then make sure it's water. Water increases your metabolism by 30%, it also helps your organs function properly and flushes out fat. Water is great for targeting stubborn belly fat. It can also lift your mood.

Green tea - Yeah, not quite food like water but replace your calorie packed teas and coffee's with a green tea. Green tea is full of anti oxidants flushing out fat particles and also naturally raises your heart rate, increasing your fat burning rate.

Apples - High in fibre, which aids digestion, suppressing hunger. Apples are great if you're suffering from constipation and experience bloating. Apples can also help having whiter teeth.

Olives and olive oil - You should be eating six meals a day, Olives are a great snack food in between your main meals. Olives and olive oil are known to promote weight loss and keeping your down your cholesterol. Don't over do it though, they're high in calories.

Nuts and seeds - Nuts provide you with a great snack, as long as you eat them within moderation. Peanuts are packed with protein. Brazil nuts and walnuts contain essential fatty acids such as Omega 3. Nuts can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and also aid in your weight loss goals.

Dark Chocolate - This should be your treat food and not milk chocolate. Dark chocolate can suppress hunger between meals. Dark chocolate can also help reduce stress and cortisol levels. Stress can cause comfort eating resulting in gaining weight.

Oats - Porridge oats should be your choice of breakfast. Porridge oats are high in fibre and give a slow release of energy, suppressing your hunger till lunch.

Whey Protein - Whey is found in milk but you can buy it in powdered from your local heath food shop. Protein is needed for muscle growth and when you have more lean muscle on your body the more calories your body will naturally burn.

By regularly eating healthy foods throughout the day and following a workout plan that will get you sweating, you will start to see results within a couple of weeks.

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