Safe Effective Weight Loss Techniques

Are you looking for simple and effective ways to fight the battle of the bulge? If so, then let Franz share with you some safe effective weight loss techniques that are often overlooked, or thought of as ineffective. But, the trick to these is their simplicity, and when combined, will add up to real results! Use these to help rev up your metabolism, cut the fat, and win the battle of the bulge. Be realistic with yourself! Pick a few, keep at them, and then add a few more.

So, what are these safe effective weight loss techniques and how will they help you? Let's start with the first easy one: use public transportation whenever possible. Studies have proven that people who left their cars at home, and used public transportation, not only saved money but they lost an average of six pounds in a year because they wound up walking more in the process.

Another simple type of safe effective weight loss technique is to get enough sleep: eight hours of it! Your body rebuilds itself at night. In the first four hours of sleep you recover physically, and in the second half you recover mentally. If you only get six hours of sleep you hinder your body's ability to shed the fat you so badly want to lose. Not to mention when you are tired you are more likely to make a poor food because of a lack of will power. Yes, a lack of sleep does reduce your ability to choose the right foods.

In addition to going to the gym you have to stay active outside the gym. Pumping iron is great, and those who do so can burn a few more calories, even up to twenty-four hours after the workout. But, adding things like walking, running, swimming, or any activity that you enjoy doing, and gets you outside and moving, will help with your weight loss goals!

Another of the safe effective weight loss techniques you can use is to do interval training. Now depending on your level of fitness, this can be different for each person. A person who has been sedentary can get a good interval workout by walking briskly followed by periods of walking slower. For someone who is younger, or in better shape, interval workouts would require four minutes at near maximum heart rate and a two-minute recovery period. That done ten times would burn a third more calories than just a sustained steady state workout.

If you are using indoor equipment, and value the input it gives you for calories burned, don't always take that as accurate. They usually record more than is actually burned. They are in the range of twenty to thirty percent over actual values. If you want actual data, buy a heart rate monitor that can be programmed for your body. The feed back can be motivating and does encourage more effective workouts.

Be sure to get some sun on a regular basis. A body given natural vitamin D is better able to lose weight on a healthy eating plan, more so than one that gets inadequate amounts of sun. Your body's ability to generate vitamin D naturally, by exposure to sunshine, is one of the most effective ways to get it, besides eating foods like salmon, tuna, and yogurt.

Lastly, safe effective weight loss techniques can include cleaning your house. Studies have revealed that how clean a house is, or is not, has something to do with the level of fitness of its owner. They are unsure of the relationship between burning calories while cleaning the house, or if it's a reflection of how someone who takes care of themselves also takes better care of their home. It is probably a little of both.

If you will try some of these safe effective weight loss techniques, you will find they will help you with your weight loss goals. Don't jump in all at once. Pick a few, and once they become a habit, add a few more. Before you know it you will be on your way to a healthier you!

Franz and Hilga are very passionate about healthy eating habits! They have been where most people are these days: choosing processed foods and ignoring all the healthy foods that should be eaten. One day, reality set in! Feeling tired all the time, being overweight, and just disgusted with how they looked and felt, they made a change. Franz studied how food and exercise affect the body, got a nutrition certification, and he has never looked back. For ten years now he has talked healthy nutrition habits to anyone that will listen.
Living full time in their RV gives them the opportunity to interact with people all over the country. They created a website to share knowledge in not only RVing, but also on optimal nutrition for better health and permanent weight loss.
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