Eat More Calories!

For any of you looking to lose weight you may think this idea is absolutely absurd... but all the talk of calorie restriction is a myth in healthy fat loss. When You deprive yourself of nutrients that your body craves it can't function and heal as well, not to mention all the fat reserves it holds onto.

When you start a low-fat raw vegan lifestyle, you automatically go to fruit as your main source of calories. Fruit is a carbohydrate and the most dense in nutrients than any other so called food. Lets look at how many calories are in a typical piece of fruit:

English: Fruit bowl - containing pomegranate, ...
English: Fruit bowl - containing pomegranate, pears, apples, bananas, an orange and a guyava (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
*2-3 dates=110

Compared to a traditional plate of cooked rice, potatoes, and meat which equals out to about 500 calories. By follwing a fruit-based diet you'll probably need to consume more quantities of food to meet the calorie requirements for the day, unless of course you consume more calorie dense fruit like dates or pineapple. But who's complaining about eating more? Get excited because this ends the starvation and deprivation. You no longer need to restrict or count calories because fruit can not possibly make you fat, sick, or unhealthy! Monkeys can eat all day as much as they want and never stop, but to sleep... you don't see any monkey out in the wild that is fat do you?

Calories are fuel like a car needs fuel to run efficiently. Women need at least 2,400 calories a day and Men need at least 3,000 calories a day depending on your activity level. One way to easily get your calories is smoothies. I usually have 1-2 smoothies everyday for quick meals. Something that you might consider is investing in a high quality blender that doesn't break down or fall apart or needs replacement parts after a year. One that I definitely recommend is the Vitamix. It is the world's most durable blender and has the longest warranty! With the vitamix you can make smoothies, dressings, sauces, soups, dips, ice cream, and other meals. It's actually very easy to clean and has many options from blending to chopping etc.

Here are some delicious and easy recipes you can do in 2 minutes:

banana smoothie THE VITAMIX

*8-10 bananas
*3 cups water
orange cream
*5 oranges
*2 cups of date juice

peachy keen

*1 cup mixed berries frozen or fresh
*2 large peaches
*15-20 dates
*2 cups water

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