Exercises to Lose Weight at Home For Women - At Last You Can Lose Weight Too

Do you want to know which exercises (with proven results ) will surely kill those embarrassing fat and those you can do home pretty easily (Like its cooking, so easy enough).
A public demonstration of aerobic exercises
A public demonstration of aerobic exercises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If so, this article will provide you the most valuable information you can ever find in the internet, and your magazine store, also.
Enough, let us jump straight into those exercises:
• Run for 10 minutes, starting slowly 3-5 days a week on your treadmill instead. Do it for 4-5 days a week, resting 3-6 days. You can always increase the intensity and duration of your running always remember, the key to success is consistency. If you believe that you can't be consistent, don't believe it. Just try harder each day.
• See aerobic videos in YouTube or purchase some. Do them for 20 minutes each day. My favorite is kick boxing and tips. One valuable tip here: If you ever decide to buy some aerobic videos, first read their reviews on Amazon.com and decide for yourself.
• Do jumping ropes for 10 minutes. Start by jumping on one leg and resting on another. Once you are easy with it, jump on both of your legs simultaneously.
• Use high Knee exercise, which is very much effective to reduce belly fat and thigh fat. The procedure is same like running, but here you just elevate your knees just little higher than usual in front of you. Do this for five minutes each day.
• Do some stretching exercises, you can view them on YouTube or elsewhere in the internet, they are available freely.
• End your exercise schedule with some sit ups. Just lie down straight and without elevating your legs, pull your body up without using your hands. If possible place your hand behind your head. Do this for 20-25 times each. This exercise is extremely useful to reduce belly fat.
If you really want to to know more of this exercises, then I would highly recommend you to purchase the program "Fat Burning Furnace", which is no doubt the best investment you can make right now to lose your weight.
It guarantees it's participants to lose more than 25 pounds in 6 weeks or less. It is a 158 page guide by Rob Poulos which is now creating buzz in weight loss industry. It has a long list of workouts from page 24 to 105 and then has detailed discussion of nutrition & diet.
The author does not like long hours of exercises instead give instructions to do exercises slowly and main objective is to tire the muscles. Detail description and images are provided for each exercise. The system has exercise plan for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Most of the exercises are 20-25 minutes in length and you can do them quickly and without warm up.

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