3 of the most popular burned foods

        By: Louis Bernard

 There are many foods which help weight loss and fat burning, but here I give you 3 of the best foods which will help you burn fat a simple and natural way, you have to do is I read these lines and you know the advantages of each of them:

 1) Apples:
Pomme- (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Apples from more well-known cuisine decrease weight, it helps digestion, another studies I am eating an apple half an hour or an hour before a meal reduces the quantities of calories in the body, as well as Apple has other benefits!!! Reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, digestion ... And I advise you to eat an apple every day at least.

2) Salmon, Tuna, Sardines :

Tuna salad
Tuna salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fish contain protein, but you I know I tuna, sardines and salmon fish contain a large proportion of protein, and you must know dear reader I protein of the most important materials, which give you energy, and helps you burn fat present in the body, protein also helps to strengthen the muscles or increase its size in a natural way. Protein requires of energy and in this case, it is by burning fat. Eating foods, which contain protein because it helps to burn fat in a natural way, and about to be protein in all your meals.
An example of a slightly higher grade of Chine...
An example of a slightly higher grade of Chinese green tea, called Mao Jian. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3) Green Tea :
Green tea improves metabolism by 4% during the 24-hour period, helps rapid digestion, when you eat a cup of green tea, your body dotted with caffeine, caffeine speeds up a little bit of heart rate and this is what helps To burn calories, green tea eases of appetite, one cup of tea a day gives you many benefits.

 I hope To have benefited a little bit of this article, I always want To take advantage in a concise manner so that you do not get mixed up things, and will give you good again kinds of cuisines and foods which also serve To burn fat, "and do not forget share subject with your friends".

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