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  Foods help you build a great body and free of defects, in this article give you three of the best cuisines, which give you energy, and vitamins protect against disease, please read these lines short and others will find useful frequently irritating.

  Drink the water:

People do not bother to drink water, and this is a well-known fact, people prefer to drink other things to drink water, research has shown that drinking water frequently keeps the digestive system in a manner consistent, beautiful and natural.

Water keeps the skin and makes it beautiful and pure,

Ensures water heart health and enhance your energy, and reduces the risk of cancer.

I advise you to drink plenty of water during the food you eat your meals this helps in the diet.

 Fruits, vegetables:

English: Euler diagram representing the relati...
English: Euler diagram representing the relationship between (botanical) fruits and vegetables. Botanical fruits that are not vegetables are culinary fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When we speak of the fruits and vegetables we are talking about a great source of vitamins, give us fruits and vegetables are a lot of energy.

Contains many of the most important vitamins vitamin c, which is the most important vitamin, provides power to cells and tissues against oxidative damage.

Contain Vitamin B1 and is important for the cells convert carbohydrates into energy.

More than eat vegetables and fruit are some examples: fruit (grapes - orange - pineapple - Watermelon ...), Vegetables (green pepper - green pepper ...) These examples contain a lot of vitamin b1 and c.

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...
Public domain photograph of various meats. (Beef, pork, chicken.) Source: http://visualsonline.cancer.gov/details.cfm?imageid=2402 (via http://geekphilosopher.com/bkg/foodMeat.htm) Public domain declaration: http://visualsonline.cancer.gov/about.cfm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Provide many proteins in the human body contain vitamin b and is an important vitamin for the growth of the body, which is a great source of energy release, as well as help to produce red blood cells. In fact, white meat and goat meat and cattle are very important to the human body is the source of many vitamins and iron, but it does not have a lot of them, can eat meat 3 times a week more than what you can eat in a week to stay in good health.

Choose carefully what you will eat special, and tried a variety of eating in order to collect all the body needs, and drink more water because it is an essential element for the balance of your body.

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