3 Great Fitness Apps

If you have a smartphone, chances are you have downloaded an application, or an app. In 2010, almost 60 percent of smartphone users download applications to their phones. People download games, weather applications, GPS apps for mapping and social networking applications. Music apps are also popular among smartphone users. Physical fitness and nutrition applications are gaining in popularity. Twenty-nine percent of cell phone and tablet users downloaded a fitness or health app in 2011. There are thousands of health and fitness apps available for your smartphone or tablet. Anyone can use an app to get in shape or keep you motivated.
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CardioTrainer is a free app for Android smartphone. You can track all of your physical activity and keep records of your fitness achievements. This app includes GPS tracking to help you map walking and running routes. The pedometer counts your steps whether you are running or walking. The pedometer has an automatic pause function that pauses when you stop to rest or wait for the traffic light to change. Use the voice notification function so that you get real-time information about how far you have walked or run, calories burned and the amount of time you have spent exercising. You can also choose to listen to your favorite music while exercising. If you need motivation, you can compare your performance to other CardioTrainer users anywhere in the world. CardioTrainer offers a premium weight loss trainer to help you design a weight plan and keep you on track.

Ease Into 5K

The Ease into 5K app for the iPhone is designed for beginners who want to start running. The app helps the beginner gradually build up to running a full 5K by alternating walking and running over 8 weeks. The app keeps you on track so that you work out three days each week. Each workout lasts up to 40 minutes, including warming up before running and cooling down after your run. The first week you will run for a few seconds and then walk for a few seconds. You continue to alternate between running and walking until you complete the full 40 minutes of exercise. The goal for the second week is to run more than you walk. The app keeps you on track increasing the running time to walking time until you can run for a full 30 minutes. You can make journal entries to track your progress and listen to your own music during your workout, too. Ease Into 5K allows for Facebook and Twitter integration so you can keep your friends apprised of your progress.


Exercise is only part of an overall fitness program. You have to eat nutritious food, too. The Fooducate app contains information about more than 200,000 food products via the UPC codes. Fooducate makes it easy to decipher those often confusing nutrition labels on food and check on the veracity of health food claims. You can use your iPhone right in the grocery store to scan a barcode and immediately get health and nutrition information about the product. If your phone does not have a camera, you can manually input the UPC code to get nutrition information. Planning healthy meals is easier, and you can browse foods by category or get information about specific foods. Fooducate can help you to compare foods and make the best choices based on total calories, sugar, sodium, preservatives and nutrients.

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