How Bananas Help Weight Loss

Most fresh fruits are beneficial for helping us to shed excess weight, but bananas are one of the best. Bananas not only taste good, but they also have numerous other benefits that can help our weight loss keep on track. But how do bananas help to promote weight loss?

- Nutritional Values.

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Bananas are rich in vital nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and protein. When we are embarking on a weight loss program, it is important to eat as many nutritionally rich foods as possible. This will provide us with the strength and fuel to provide the energy we need for exercise and maintaining good health and well-being.

- Low in Calories.

Containing a mere 90 calories, a small banana makes an ideal addition to breakfast cereal when sliced, a tasty mid-morning snack, or even a dessert. We do not even have to eat a whole banana, we can add a few slices to low-calorie ice cream or yoghurt or with skimmed milk to make a milk shake. We can enjoy the banana flavour and a little sweetness but with only a few calories.
- Filling and Satisfying.

Bananas are extremely filling, so they can help prevent food cravings between meals, particularly sweet cravings as they are sweet on their own. Eating one small banana is so filling and satisfying that we should not be subject to cravings for anything else afterwards.

- The Perfect Take-Away.

Bananas are contained in their own natural packaging, so we can take them anywhere. We can carry them in our pocket, handbag, or store them in our desk drawer. Being so portable we can take them with us when we go for a brisk walk, on the train or bus on our way to work to give us a low-calorie energy boost as we fulfil our daily commitments.

- Maintaining Freshness.

Bananas will stay fresh from 4 to 7 days if we purchase them when they are green and under ripe. Even if they become too ripe, they can be crushed to add to milk shakes or yoghurt, or be put into the freezer for an icy treat. They can also be used to make banana bread or banana muffins.

- Versatile.

Bananas can be used in numerous ways other than eating them on their own. They can be added to fresh fruit salad, as flavouring for home-made ice cream, or served with ice cream for a banana split dessert. The possibilities for banana combinations and recipes are endless.

Bananas and an excellent component for our weight loss diet, for their nutritional value, energy boosting and filling properties, and also for a sweet low-calorie treat

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