Discover How I Easily Lost 10kg

Everyone will agree that keeping a fit body is the key to optimum health. Whatever age you are in right now, there is no excuse not to shed those bulges off. Well, I have been there and have done it. I went down from 69kg to 59kg in a little over two months. The feeling is fantastic and I was able to see myself in a whole new light. Not only did my stamina increased, I had the bonus of looking better in clothes.

I am sure you are so excited to know how I did it. I am thrilled to tell you too. But let me warn you at the onset that it was not an easy task. But I just kept going, seeing my progress in more than enough encouragement for me. So let write down here a few important things to remember when you want to lose weight:

· Before going into any exercise routine or diet, seek the advice of a doctor. It is best to have a thorough check up so you will know what to watch out. Certain medical conditions need careful attention so as not to exacerbate the illness. Get your doctor's clearance for exercise routines and diet program.

· Weight management is best achieved through proper exercise and balanced nutrition. I went on a fitness boot camp for a week to give a kick-start. Their fitness coach recommended certain exercise routines, which included brisk walking for an hour every day. Their nutritionist also customized a diet program for me.

· I was told to avoid everything fried and as well as fatty food. Meat is allowed but only lean cuts. I learned the discipline of eating in small amounts but in frequent intervals. In the beginning, I will eagerly wait for the next hour so I could grab a bite. But later in the program, I developed the discipline of eating only when I am hungry but I was careful not to starve myself. Starving makes you binge when you see food.

· I did not forget to take my supplements accorded to what was recommended. By supplements I mean essential vitamins and minerals not diet pills.

· I keep a record of my progress. Seeing your numbers go down is a good morale booster. I posted mine at the fridge door. This is to remind me that I have a goal every time I have the urge to munch on something.
· I completely forgot soda. We all know that soda contains a lot of sugar but I tell you, this was my biggest challenge. Before my diet, I could easily consume a liter of soda in one sitting.

In the beginning, I thought I could not do it, but I am glad I made the decision to go on a boot camp. This gave me a great start to lose weight in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.

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