Simple Tips to Lose Weight and Stay In Shape

Many people want to lose weight and stay in shape. However, weight loss is no easy feat as you probably already know. Luckily, the following article has combined a list of effective weight loss tips and stay in shape that you can use to get the body you've always desired.

Best diet to stay in shape

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Eat slowly. These days' people are always on the go and meals are virtually inhaled. Take the time to eat your food more slowly to allow your stomach enough time to signal your brain that you are full. This will prevent you from overeating and allow you to savor your food. It is also advised to eat in small portion, divide your meal into five times a day instead of three times in a day.

Drink lots of water! You've probably heard it a thousand times by drinking 8 glasses of water a day will go a long way towards promoting fat loss and it will keep you feeling full throughout the day. It will also supply you with more energy!

Eat your vegetables. Like mom always said, you've got to eat your vegetables. Veggies are among the most nutrient dense foods available and they don't contain too many calories either. Make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals by consuming 5-7 servings of vegetables daily.

Easy on the sugar. Everybody likes to indulge once in awhile, and this is fine, however make sure you limit the amount of refined sugar you allow yourself to consume. Things like sodas and ice cream are full of sugars and empty calories that do nothing but get converted to fat.

Get enough protein. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle. Muscle promotes a faster metabolism. A faster metabolism means faster weight loss. Make sure that you have some sort of protein source with each meal you eat and if need be, drink a protein shake as a means of getting plenty of protein without any unnecessary calories.

Easy on the alcohol. Alcohol has been proven to promote fat gain, particularly in the mid-section, so make sure to only indulge on occasion. It also contains lots of sugar and like we mentioned above, sugar is not your friend when it comes to losing weight.

Regular exercise will help you stay in shape

Exercise! In order to lose weight and stay in shape you have to burn more calories than you consume. You can eat the healthiest diet in the world but if you aren't working with a calorie deficit at the end of each day, you'll never lose an ounce. Try and work in about 30 minutes of cardio and strength training at least 3 times a week.

To stay in shape and keep weight off, be sure to alternate your activities. This will help you avoid boredom and also help you to attain complete fitness. Alternate between aerobic type exercise and weight bearing type exercise, this will give your muscles a chance to rest and recover from one day to the next and enhance the effectiveness of your workouts. Additionally, it will help control the gain of muscle weight. Just make a schedule of walking one day and doing a 15 minute lightweight workout video the next day. One or two days a week do something like swimming to relax and work your muscles in a completely different way.

Remember to include fun exercise such as horseback riding, playing with your kids, going for a bike ride, or just taking a day at the beach. This will help you stay motivated for exercise. Additionally, every time you do something active and fun, you're sure to notice that you have a better endurance level and are able to enjoy yourself even more. This, combined with steady and healthy weight loss, can be tremendously motivating.

Some people like to pursue weight loss and fitness alone while others find having a diet and exercise buddy very stimulating and motivating. If you like to share weight loss tips and recipes and challenge yourself against others, you may like having a companion or joining a group. Additionally, if you exercise with a good friend, the two of you can cheer each other on and encourage each other when the going gets tough.

As you drop pounds and get in shape, continue to challenge yourself more and more. You may have started off with walking, water aerobics and 5 pound weights. If you're consistent in these workouts, within six weeks or so you should be ready to step up to jogging, regular aerobics and 6 pound weights or more! On your weight work be sure to vary your routine to prevent muscle soreness and to get the most benefit from the exercise. Remember that, if you become serious about weight training, you will probably gain muscle weight, but you should not let this bother you. Muscle weight is healthy weight.

Losing weight is not easy, but you can be successful. The important thing is that you must remain consistent with your weight loss efforts. You are sure to meet all your weight loss and stay in shape before long.

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