Fitness Tip: The Best Time To Workout

So, today I'll talk about the best time of the day to workout. I will not get into scientific details about how your body does this better right after waking up or how it does that better after you've been up for while type of stuff. Instead, I'll stick to how I usually give out my info, plain and simple, easy to understand, OK? More so, I'll get into advantages and disadvantages.

Morning workout: (By morning I mean right when you wake up)

English: DeBarra Mayo in workout gear 1987. Ph...
English: DeBarra Mayo in workout gear 1987. Photo presented as validation of DeBarra's physical fitness level. Photo scanned from snapshot in DeBarra's files. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Advantages: The best part about doing these early workouts is when you're done, that's it for the day! You also get your blood pumping right away, you also feel more motivated to eat a healthier breakfast because, well, you've just worked out! Also, you will be super energized for whatever activity you'll be doing that day.
Disadvantages: The big one is lack of sleep. The way to counter this is by GOING TO BED EARLIER! It amazes me how people are sometimes grumpy about not getting enough sleep but when you mention going to be earlier, they give you the "are you crazy" look! Listen, if you need 8 hours of sleep and you're getting up at 5:00am for your workout, then just count back 8 hours from there. Pretty simple, eh? Also, you may be clock watching the whole time to make sure you're not late for work (or whatever you have to do)

Afternoon Workout

Advantages: You will have already been awake for a while, so you'll be ready to go. You've already eaten something healthy for the breakfast, so no worries there. It's no longer dark outside, so and outside workout may be possible.

Disadvantages: You may be pressed for time, if you're coming from or going to a job or work. Doing long activities are usually cut back because there isn't enough time to do them before or after your workout. You'll have to shower (again) if you're going back to work or something.

Evening workouts:

Advantages: Your work day is finished, you have no time restrictions on your workout. You look forward to a nice sleep after a healthy workout. You can let out all the day's frustrations with a solid hardcore workout.
Disadvantages: Most people workout at the end of the day so your gym may be packed full, which may mean longer workout time because you're waiting for a machine or weight. Puts a damper on any kind of dinner plans you may have. If situations come up during the day, you may not have the time to workout that evening.

So the question is, is there a better time during the day to workout? The answer, is simply no. As you can see, there are pro's and con's to whichever time you decided to workout. But understanding them gives you a leg up on what you want to get accomplished.

I have personally worked out anywhere from 5:00am to 10:00pm, and the best advice I can give you is to try different times and go with what you feel is best for you. If someone tells me this time of the day is better or that time is better, I tell them hogwash! They don't know your situation. You do what's best for you, period! As long as you're working out, you're good to go in my book!

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